This page includes videos, pdfs and other materials related to the ‘Complaint and Request for Investigation of PepsiCo’s Deceptive Practices in Marketing Doritos to Adolescents,’ filed with the FTC on October 19, 2011.

News release: Consumer Groups File FTC Complaint Against PepsiCo for “Deceptive and Unfair Digital Marketing Practices” Targeting Junk Food to Teens

FTC complaint & appendices:
Complaint and Request for Investigation of PepsiCo’s and Frito-Lay’s Deceptive Practices in Marketing Doritos to Adolescents [pdf]

FTC complaint appendices A-L [pdf]

Full report: Digital Food Marketing to Children and Youth: Problematic Practices and Policy Interventions [pdf]

Brief report: The New Age of Food Marketing: How companies are targeting and luring our kids — and what advocates can do about it

Resources for taking action: 

Identifying and Reporting Unfair, Misleading, and Deceptive Ads and Marketing
Recent years have seen an increase in the amount and type of marketing of unhealthful foods and beverages to children and teens. Some of these marketing campaigns may violate federal laws against deceptive or unfair practices. This memorandum, written by Angela Campbell, Director of Georgetown Law’s Institute for Public Representation, informs researchers and advocates about how to identify deceptive or unfair marketing practices, and the kinds of activities that the FTC has found deceptive or unfair, and outlines how to bring a matter to the attention of the FTC.

State Attorneys General: Allies in Obesity Prevention
State attorneys general (AGs), charged with enforcing the laws of their states, have both the motivation and authority to help promote and enforce public health policy. Not only do they mediate consumer complaints and investigate possible violations of the law, but they can also bring litigation that highlights the need for policy change or gaps in regulatory protection. This series of fact sheets from NPLAN, in partnership with the Public Health Law Center at William Mitchell College of Law, explains how state AGs can serve as allies in efforts to limit junk food marketing to children, and how researchers and advocates can work with state AGs’ offices to advance their public health goals.

Media contacts:

Jeff Chester, Executive Director, Center for Digital Democracy, 202-986-2220

For more information on “Digital Food Marketing to Children and Youth: Problematic Practices and Policy,” please contact Samantha Graff, JD, Director of Legal Research for the National Policy & Legal Analysis Network to Prevent Childhood Obesity (NPLAN), at 510-302-3377

Media coverage

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