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  • Investigating the digital path to purchase

    Food and beverage companies use Big Data to target consumers in retails settings, yet researchers do not know how their tactics influence community health. This memo reviews existing literature and outlines recommendations for future research.
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  • Report: How food marketers use games to target youth

    Digital games are a popular tactic that food companies use to market unhealthy products to young people. These games can influence kids' eating habits and have been linked to obesity, a major threat to health.
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  • A huge victory for online privacy advocates

    As AT&T and Time Warner plan to merge, new FCC rules on broadband privacy show how today “Big Media” also means “Big Data.”
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  • How Big Retail is tracking you online

    Using Walmart as a case study, a new report shows how retailers track people online and use the data they collect to profile and target consumers with potentially discriminatory ads.
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